September//Getting making workshop

This workshop of Getting Making held by two of our colleagues who have completed the course last year.

Every single meeting of that workshop had a different meaning and a challenge related to our proposal work.

Looking at last weeks objects, what interests you and why about them – what ideas do they give you for your new objects

Think carefully about what is most successful and why. What is most successful both in and out of the context of your project?

Make different objects that respond to the previous weeks objects, exploring these ideas. Keep your project in mind

Half of these should be in materials you have not used before

Find new artists/makers/designers/buildings/architects/objects/whatever whose work inspires you and print a picture of a piece of each of their work

those tasks above has been changed for every day of getting making project.I did  research related to the rejected wood pieces i’m planning to use in my final project, i’ve done some trials with paper , different finishes and veneer of wood but also cut in small and different shape pieces.Those wooden beads, pieces i decide to join together , what become a very nice ornament for my cabinets.

The final of getting making was totally surprising i think for all of us, even if we knew that on the end our work will be “crowned” by our first exhibition situated in Camberwell’s library. All of our products after many tries,researches  and quests have been presented to the university public. Seems like we did nothing special , but the outcome was gracefully.

zdjęcie 4(3) zdjęcie 3 zdjęcie 2 zdjęcie 1

zdjęcie 4(2)  zdjęcie(213)

zdjęcie 1(1) zdjęcie 2(1)

zdjęcie 3(1) 4-300x180

3-300x190 1-300x162


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