September 2013 // Polish Folklore

I would like to present samples of Polish folklore , rich of colors and ornaments . Folklore as art and design of ordinary people in my country is divided by 7 groups , regions . Then this styles are divided for smaller and other branches of this specific art.

Goralski style (Highlander style)

Polish mountains it is a specific place, pretty characteristic from  other ethnographic regions, distinguished by constant cultivation folklore culture. This is not folklore learned and artificially maintained, that folklore has been naturally transmitted to future generations. What’s more folklore from mountains is practiced in daily life.

In Poland, the Highlanders are divided into several groups, the differences between these groups, we can see the costumes and dialect. The largest city is called Zakopane . By visiting that place, at every step we can meet the elements of folklore in costumes, dialect and cuisine.



92ee7-4450px-Zakopane_Koscieliska_18_willa_Koliba11_A-1125_M 1380184_578945945504607_920436758_n-199x300plansza-karczma-1500-300x203cico-koliba3 drewno12 Kaplica_Jaszczurowka Oksza_Foto-8096 Oksza_Foto-8108 Willa_Oksza_fot_ Mozdzynski5_MEK_1 4122_MEK_a 4774_MEK_a 9560_MEK_b_2 40858_MEK_a 41102_MEK_b_1 46791_MEK 50623_MEK_a 52883_MEK_2 78880_MEK_a szlabanek48051_MEK_b54350_MEK_p



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