October // Krakow folklore

Krakow city of the southern Poland was the capital in the time of Polish Piast dynasty. During the partitions of  the  whole country , time when the whole Galicia came under the authority of the Austrian Emperor. In contrast to the Russian Tsar and the power of the Prussian, Austrian Emperor allowed the Poles to cultivate native traditions. During this period, Krakow was the capital of Polish culture and tradition.


Interesting part of Krakowian folklore it is , famous dance  called  Krakowiak . Create  in the fifteenth century . Krakowiak is the most popular dance originating from the castle of Krak,  became icons of Polish folk dance. The greatest popularity of that dance has won the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Today it is recognized as part of Polish culture, the same n Poland as around the world.

stroj-krakowiakow-wschodnich-03  taniec_krakow

Traditional Krakowian costumes eastern and western  version

64749_MEK_c 64749_MEK_b 62449_MEK_b 61521_MEK_b  61159_MEK_b 60406_MEK_c 60406_MEK_ad_2 60406_MEK_ad_1 58275_MEK_b 57405_MEK_a 57188_MEK_b_2 57187_MEK_a 53925_MEK_d 52405_MEK_d 52405_MEK_b 52404_MEK_c 48051_MEK_b 44027_MEK_b  61159_MEK_c 34109_MEK_b_225719_MEK_d_260406_MEK_ad_260406_MEK_c60406_MEK_ad_152405_MEK_d52404_MEK_c53925_MEK_d1-300x227 2-300x226 5-300x206 12291_MEK_b 12972_MEK_b

Wooden hand painted Krakowian dowry chest.


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