October//Kashubian Folklore

Kashubian stands out from other folklore regions of very interesting folklore, an extensive craft and beautiful embroidery. The greatest treasure of this group is their language, which is not considered only as dialect, but as a separate language. Kashuby it disputes region stretched on most of the northern side of the country. Despite strong Germanization of the region, Kashubian think about themselves as Poles, and the motto is “There is no Kashubia without Poles and Poland without Kaszubians”.


Kashubian embroidery – unusual themes and beautiful color

Kashubian embroidery stands out above all thanks to their delicate colors. Color palette consisting of seven main colors: three shades of blue, red, yellow, green and black. That code has been established already between I and II war. Until today, it is strictly observed. The main theme found in Kashubian embroidery is a floral motif. Frequently used: pomegranates, sea star, roses, tulips, forget-margaritas.

Kashubian outfit ( different dress for different profession)

Kashubians relatively quickly stopped using traditional costumes, it happened already in the nineteenth century. However they have several different outfits depending of the job they were doing . Different wore farmer and different fisherman. Today, we can se traditional costumes only in a music performance or  special occasions for example : Christmas .

Meaning of the colors:
royal blue color – like beautiful Kashubian Lakes
blue – sky of Kashubia
navy – as profound depth of the sea
yellow – like grain ripening in the fields
green – like forests rich of animals
red – like blood, which every Kashubian willing to shed in defense of their land
black – like the earth on the field waiting for seeding


MG_0093 Kashubian Traditional Costume

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20 Ceramika_edyt_1 ceramiki

images 8.03.29 PM kasz01 serwetki-wzory-kaszubski_990  wzory-haftu-kaszubskiego-szkola-borowiacka-z-tucholska wzory-haftu-kaszubskiego-szkola-slupska-12_1 wzory-haftu-kaszuloklbskiego-szkola-slupska wzory-hgaftu-kaszubskiego-szkola-borowiacka-z-tucholska


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