October// Kurpie Folklore

Kurpie is a beautiful region located in Mazovia, in green area of national parks, called backwoods green and white . Currently, more active folk artist are residents of Green backwoods .


Kurpie it is a region famous for its handicrafts, embroidery , very popular there Paper cutting and amber work. Amber work in  Kurpie was an extremely popular and respected profession. Amber artist , created not only popular necklaces, but also items such as pipes, buttons and snuff boxes. Unfortunately the number of amber craftsman decrease lately.

Characteristic element of Kurpie folklore are  cut-outs in paper for example :  one-colored lily (symmetrical tree with floral and animal motifs).  In addition to lilies, also popular are  stars, circular cutouts, decorated with openwork patterns and animal motifs, mostly roosters and peacocks.They are formed in the same way as in the other regions – with the sheep shears.

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Traditional costumes

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ciensza_250x250 imazages OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PuszczaBiala5 tuchlin2941



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