november//Tutorial with Barnaby// Elisa Strozyk- wooden textile.

After having one to one with one of my tutors. I receive some suggestions and work to be made in following weeks.

– Define , and focus on one chosen folklore from my country.

– Check the examples of wooden cabinets, not necessary inspired by folklore, furniture of other designers.

-Think what really subscribe folklore which i am going to choose.

-more sketches.


Elisa Strozyk is  turning wood into flexible textile : surprising and playful way to use this material ! The outcome is really fantastic, and shows us that innovation is still part of the game, using traditional material to create new forms, reconnecting us to real feelings and a new tactile experience.

Her work it’s very impressive and very inspirational for me. Elisa combines small pieces of wood, giving care of detail and surface.

There is also a part of  earth care in her work process, as she said « Another way to save resources is working with reused or recycled objects and material waste. Also it is crucial to aim for a closer relationship between subject and object. This can be achieved through more flexibility and changeability, the possibility of growth or surprising elements. In the future we will have to deal with more waste and less resources. Therefore it is fundamental to be aware about life cycles of objects. That means to use material that is able to grow old beautifully…( Boewer_Wooden_Carpet_Elisa_Strozyk_3-300x225 cabinet-300x199 catalogue-wooden-textiles-2012-300x212 colored_wooden_rugs_elisa_strozyk-thumb-525xauto-32243-300x225 Colored-Wooden-Rugs-Elisa-Strozyk-4-Limited-Red-200x300 elisa_strozyk_3-300x197 elisa_strozyk_flexible_miss_maple_lamp-300x225 Elisa-Strozyk_yellowtrace_12-300x200 Elisa-Strozyk-1-Design-Crush-300x199 elisastrozyk2-300x199 IMG_1502-537x357-300x199 imm3-30n0x145 quilted_wood_daybed_elisa_strozyk_2b-thumb-468x468-42232-300x300 strozyk01dailyicon-300x199

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