November// Polish furniture of 40-60’s

One of the inspiring furniture maker of post-war years is  Wladyslaw Wolkowski- Polish artist, specializing in projects made of willow. He designed furniture and objects of everyday use, in 1957, he designed a set of custom-made furniture of the royal court of Belgium. Since 1968, he devoted himself to designing tapestries created from string, wood and metal. The work of Wladyslaw Wolkowski was created on the basis of natural materials, used the wicker, straw, flax and hemp rope, reed, wood and bamboo.

7770_P_6131453-300x200 design_002-250x300 e4529056ce0cb18ff301ae0fdc87e951fe14adfb-257x300 images large_O000019-280x300 wiklina3-300x201 wolkowski-wladyslaw-applied-wicker-objects-34_6966702-300x189 wolkowski2006x3d-300x225

Teresa Kruszewska is  one  of the more important Polish designers of the latter half of the 20th century. She was educated in the tradition of local crafts, based on a solid knowledge of preferred natural materials, placing the main emphasis on humanist aspects, defining the users’ needs and the principles of ergonomics, which drew upon certain elements of Scandinavian design.

7361_z2 furniture-for-children-5_6779772-300x157 furniture-for-children-7_6779780-300x157 furniture-for-children-9_6779788-300x157 furniture-for-children-10_6809240-293x300 kruszewska_tulipan1-300x251 Prokocim-Szpital-300x205 Teresa-Kruszewska-w-Rhode-Island-212x300 wystawa-xxxi-lecie-ladu-530x391-300x221 z11523076QPo-prawej-krzesla-Muszelki-projektu-Teresy-Kruszewskiej-300x200 z11565968QKrzeslo-dla-Centrum-Zdrowia-Dziecka-w-Warszawie-1-300x229


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