October // Kujawy Folklore

Kujawy is a small region located  in center of Polad between, Mazovia and Kashubia. Although Kujawy as ethnographic region, decreased over the centuries. The tradition is still alive there. One of the most famous elements of Kujawy folklore it is  a dance  called “kujawiak”, which received national status. The cuisine of Kujawy developed also its own way.


Embroidery in Kujawy – unique designs inhabitants of Kujawy

Embroidery on Kujawy is primarily i floral ornaments of different shapes. Embroidery of Kujawy stands out mainly through the use of short stitches, which include, drawstrings.

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traditional Costumes – noble qualities in folk costumes

Dress of kujawy region was made with good species of cloth and silk, which is often imported were from abroad. For this reason, the clothes from Kujawy were one of the more expensive in Poland. In addition, these costumes were marked resemblance to the nobility costumes , which gave them dignity. Kujawy as a region were varied, part of them were under Prussian rule, and the second part under Russian rule. Visible would be also differences in the wealth of the inhabitants of this region. Despite regardless of social status, each citizen of Kujawy had its own festive folk costume.



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