October// Lowicki folklore

Folklore lowicki it is includes areas of historical region, Lowicki principality . Folklore lowicki, thanks to its unique character, has earned a reputation not only in Poland, but also throughout the world. A big impact on that popularization of the region was the novel  called “Peasants” author’s  Wladyslaw Stanislaw Reymont. It is worth remembering that the novel “Peasants”, Reymont was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.


Lowicki costumes

The most common are “Striped cloths”, started to getting famous on the twenties and thirties of  nineteenth century. Not everyone could afford to buy this costumes. The owner of that costume had to take care of it for a few good years. Sometimes the clothes that a woman received as a dowry, she had to wore the greater part of her life. Lowicki outfit has evolved over the years, the biggest changes has an impact on young women who wanted to enrich their clothing range.

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922IMG_ 22108130 owicka_chata-owicz_20130527_1497403487 Szkoła-wiejska-skansen-wsi-łowickiej-Małszyce Wiejska_chata-large

Crafts from Łowicz – unusual cutouts and paper spiders

The most popular craft in the area of Łowicz are cutouts. Cutouts of Łowicz  are divided into three types: comforters, stars and ribbons. Cutouts are created by cutting patterns on colored paper, and sticking smaller motifs on their larger counterparts. The most commonly used motifs are vegetable ornaments, flowers and roosters. Łowicz cutouts, thanks to uniqueness on a global scale, gained recognition and fame all over the world.

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