December// furniture design

While looking for inspirational furnitures for my project. I found many interest object mostly made of wood. I really like simple shapes of cabinet specially those from 50’s and 60’s and surfaces where we can see clear grain of tree . I would like to show  that tree structure in my design.

z6306388X stockholm furniture fair scandinavian-style-furniture-cheap-vdmka3vm.jpg scandinavian-office-furniture-interior-ideas-scandinavian-furniture-design-inspiration-1024x686 scandinavian-design-furniture-ideas-scandinavian-furniture-design-inspiration-1024x768 mister-sideboard-1-600x771 cabinets2 bd754fbe6e0b34bf2d306e0adf07db4e b84dcfa2bbf815e80bf2c591f7e0c9c5 alter-ego-2 75089b212d9a5a791fda730f1fdc0f44 196920_137940179609624_890644_n 24609999db0bd638e3bd01b7069a8e61 2562223745f79562a5bd15d726260937 a7db24c6574c9492532d8a5273e74bd8 alter-ego-1 1315_med 8eb39f7aa01a2c2fd4d780ca2589511d 4fc867caa11fb3af244991c01f6e39a0 4f9127735a2a68e97f83ce27cb1db5a9


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