March// Mid point review

In mid point review we had to display pieces and samples of work we had been doing for the last couple of months. My project focus on low budget cabinet making based on Polish Folklore design, from three different regions of my country. I am specially interested of natural sources as wood and folk patterns from each region. I would like to make set of three different cabinets. My own collection based on folklore culture. During study i would like to explore and learn more about the wood and treatment of this material. And perform more experience associated with the furniture making. For now on i am working in one cabinet based on folklore from Baltic part of Poland called “kashube”. 

Very important issue of my project is connection technology of wooden pieces, slices, beads…I’ve made many experimental trials , samples which wasn’t such aesthetic. The best result i have achieved by using rounded beads rather than square. The round shape stitched together with surface creates aesthetic form of the whole “picture”. it comes to my mind to give to cabinet extra duty. I’ve decide to use those pieces to create interactive furniture. Were every one can create their own patterns. For a upcoming time I am planning to work more in that shape and make it suitable with folklore pattern.I will explore more to prove as best effect as possible in the future time.


Group comments:

– Interaction for furniture, playing in bigger scale

-prove what reminds about Polish connection-Polish folklore

-Narrative element of Polish Folklore, culture.

– continuing the interactive cabinet surface

– do more research to sensory design (regarding the interactive furniture)

-investigate more in wooden technique

– more hand drawings, sketches, handcraft work

-content should be demonstrated more clear



patternn 4-300x180 3-300x190 2-111x300 1-300x162 5 klocki klocki okragle klocki3


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