May// Interactive design

Original project  of Polish designers Agnieszka Chop and Joanna Rusin. Aimed to children, interactive carpet – puzzle. Felt base + bag with colorful elements for stacking. Teaches creating their own space.

The first carpet-puzzle formed in 2004 and were a reaction to the then design carpet of that time. They had to go beyond the canons of the floor textile. Capture the imagination of each user by allowing create independent design pattern. These carpets are interactive toy, learn creating their own space. Support a process of education and rehabilitation of persons who are blind or disabled.

8592-joannarusinagnieszkaczopdywancars-300x199 8597-joannarusindywanrings-169x300 8598-joannarusinfilcowepodkladki-300x231 10325773_658807810855131_8353087146677786623_n-300x199 dywan-koguty-agnieszka-czop-joanna-rusin-2005-720x480-300x200 koelf-300x193 kol-300x188


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