June// 3D pattern

As an inspiration for following sample i have used billboard 3D screen as we can very often see on the roads. I found it good idea to connect it with furniture. I have manage with a bit of struggle  to make a pattern by laser machine in two wooden screens. Later on i stick them together, and cut into small stripes. The plan was to hang it all together in order to make it move, and this way we could se two patterns from different perspective. Unfortunately i did it i little bit wrong and it took me a bit of time how does really work. My sample didn’t make me so happy as i was in the beginning. Other colleagues, students has seen it as very interesting object, but for myself it put a question mark in my head. The whole picture wasn’t much aesthetic even if i was trying all my bests.

bllu grey yellow zdjęcie 4-8 zdjęcie 3-8 zdjęcie 2-8 zdjęcie 1-9

cscs  sjkajs

zaz qsd


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