Atchalee x Katarzyna collaborative project

The Collaboration Project


We would like to create a piece of jewellery (necklace or bangle). We expect to learn new technical skills from each other such as the wood joinery and weaving from natural material as wood, grass or bamboo. We are going experiment on new product as jewellery which we have never done before. We will create the narrative of that jewellery which is story of two different folklore (Polish and Thai)cultures.


We are going to do research about our folklore culture together and then we will learn making techniques from each other. Then for making test pieces we are going to separate. One of us will focus on wood working and the other one will focus on different types of weaving. Then we are going back to work together and choose which of the test pieces respond to our research. Those pieces will join together in one to make the final outcome.


By doing research about our cultures we can find the “connection”. Our plan is to start to do research and make working plan to decide which role who is going to take. After that we are going to work separate and catch up two times a week to exchange idea and feedback.


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