Slavic beliefs

Plants in folklore culture

Flowers in folk aesthetics occupy a prominent place. They can not be missed at any moments of the year, they are great feasts, being a kind of mythological restore order. Flowers can be used directly in a festive decoration or as an inspiration in the interior objects.

In the time of winter solstice at the end of the old and the beginning of a new cycle of vegetation. To ensure that upcoming year will provide good harvest they were setting in the four corners of the chamber, four sheaves of grain. It was believed that the house is the microcosm and that little ritual could help to affect the macrocosm.


Also mistletoe known as a universal symbol ,found in many cultures . Important plant for Slaves and part in the beliefs of the Polish people for hundreds of years.  Its importance as a Christmas tree tied to the behavior in time of winter, signs of life ( because of green color). Mistletoe we can find  in the treetops , what is associated with the celestial world. In order not to lose their power, it was necessary to alert it from falling to the ground.

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