Collaborative project part II

The idea was to takfind the same or similar elements of decoration in both culture Polish and Thai. Even if our countries are placed very far from each other we have manage to find peacock as a common decor in folklore culture of Thailand and Poland.

Colorful feathers, and above all beautiful tail contributed to the fact that the peacock was identified with royalty, immortality and glory. Christian tradition has its plume depicted as a aureole or omniscient eyes of the Church, while the Puritans saw peacock as a symbol of pride, haughtiness and vanity. In Poland, for centuries functioning quote saying, “proud as a peacock” or “walks like a peacock,” which refers to conceited people. Feathers of these birds have often been used to decorate knights helmets. Then, the custom of decorating with the heads and feathers of peacock became a part of folklore often presents in paper craft .Peacock motif was also present in the Polish folk songs. It is often combined with elements such as water, garland and a ring, which indicates its relationship with the age-old notions of cosmogony. In Europe peacock is present in medieval artwork – in manuscripts and paintings, often used as a decorative motif on buildings and churches. Peacock appears even among the animals in the stable of the Nativity of Christ.Peacock in Greek culture was the favorite bird of Hera, China peacock feather was proof of the imperial grace, while the leaders of Persia sat on the Peacock Throne.

In Thailand  peacock patterns we can find printed in silk, and peacock there presents as queen of bird  and also the holy creature call “Nak”.

dbb5a932e8ac4e55bd0028d82666d779 thai

work in progress. Pattern need to be drawn in illustrator then it is transfer to be cut by laser machine.


wisiory ptaki2 wisiory ptaki


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