The World in people’s perceptions was filled with magic. It was believed in the existence of various kinds of supernatural powers and representatives of those forces known as demons. According to folk beliefs, these demons could have both negative and positive impact on human existence,  therefore people tryed to stay in distance and caution to avoid contact with them. Many of demonic creatures were related to space around the house.

It was widely believed in presence of small black dwarfs called ‘bożęta’- mini gods. They had to enter through cracks into the room and help home residents. First of all Bozet helped women in sleep mode and rocking children. They had to enter through chinks in the floor into the room and help home residents. ‘bożęta’ were trying to help women to make they babies fall asleep. Another home demon was also known as ‘inkluz’. Initially regarded as a good spirit who lived under the threshold of the house and looking after it residents, sometimes taken as a devil who served their man to provide him with wealth and prosperity.

Another demon was haunting house and tease their residents it was called ‘zmora’-nightmare. It came at night and suffocate sleeping people. Also caused inertia in the legs and hands. ‘Zmora’-nightmare was getting into the house through the different types of slots or keyholes,and only the same way she could get out. Clogging the hole, which demon came was caused to see that demon. It was said that great wealth could win the one who strip the cap of that demon. Other dangerous demon, especially for emerging women and their children, was ‘Mamuna’. It was believed that into this demon turns the soul from a woman who died during pregnancy or childbirth.




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