Oak – research II

Theme of acorns and oak twigs found in the royal coats of arms and chivalry from Middle Ages. Today oaks are representing many european city shields.

Today shields of some towns in Poland.

198px-POL_gmina_Jeżowe_COA.svg 198px-Coat_of_Arms_Eberswalde.svg 208px-POL_gmina_Bodzechów_COA.svg 198px-POL_Nowa_Dęba_COA.svg 205px-POL_gmina_Malanów_COA.svg Gmina_zagnansk_flaga 191px-POL_Wałbrzych_COA.svg 214px-POL_gmina_Trzydnik_Duży_COA.svg 202px-POL_gmina_Słopnice_COA.svg 198px-POL_Nowa_Dęba_COA.svg 207px-POL_gmina_Dąbrowa_Chełmińska_COA.svg

oak leaves on the polish coin from 1923.


Today shields of some places in Germany.

204px-Wappen_Neu-Eichenberg.svg 216px-Wappen_Eiche_(Barnim) Wappen_Braunschweig-Lamme Wappen_Langen_(Hessen) Wappen_Dreieich 190px-Eichberg-coat_of_arms.svg  209px-Looft-Wappen 213px-Wappen_Braunschweig-Timmerlah

Vizcaya Symbol of one of the Basque province , Spain.


coat of arms of Estonia.


coat of arms of Belgrad, capital of Serbia.



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