In april i had a chance to go throug the Kashubian land , exactly through the peninsula called ‘Hel’. In reality the name has nothing common with english meaning of the word hell. I went there with the visit, actually with the curiosity of theirs miths and stories as each town and piece of land has their own history. That was my second time in that part of Poland and this time i decide to stop in the town called Jastarnia. Travel by train trough Hel peninsula it is unusual experience ,going through the forest  sometimes we can see the land that is so thin that from the train we can see beach and the baltic sea from the left and the right side of the train. It seems like someone blowe stripe of sand that has end in the the middle of the baltic sea.

From the bird perspective it looks like that.


image0037 ae77d5cb3c6b36316f239d757b36b902ba644ddf dac6a92867db899d3cfc6eb5a4d7c2c0a12b4204

My stop was in the town Jastarnia (kaszb. Jastarniô) what means ‘soemthing with lights’ from kashubian language jastra means easter.


I had a walk in the area and I have end up in the clean white sandy beach, with a warm wind in my face with the smell of pine trees. I ‘ve heart a lot about this place but i wanted to know the stories about this land from their local people. I’ve manage to find fishing village and get some information from their fishermen. Thank s to them i discover really nice scenario for my pattern and few important information about the region that are included in that story. Interesting thing of that visit is that the story i found it is realted to my previous research about slavic gods. It seems like the destiny brougth me to that place…?!

I wanted to create something that discribe delicate art, decoration , life and nature among where kashubian people lives.

Chata_rybacka_z_XIX_wieku Kutry_rybackie_w_porcie_w_Jastarni 23295434 21 Jastarnia_molo


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