Jurata & Castitis

The story i have discovered in my last holiday break in Poland, it is a love story …

Many centuries ago, on the bottom of the  Baltic sea ,  their underwater kingdom has a queen o sea called Jurata. Her beautiful and shrouded in a water veil  palace was full of amber glow. Probably situated on today Jastarnia is.

And so it was that a  young fisherman called Castitis, every single morning, very early mornig was getting out for fishing, flowing his boat on blue and salty water of Baltic. He did not know that this it may not be liked by the queen of the sea. Jurata was known and respected throughout the underwater world, she was gracious and fair queen, she was taking care of all the sea creatures each of them even the smallest fish. It did not take so much time to elapse when the fish concerned, reported their queen about  daily expeditions of Castitis . Jurata finding that she got very angry, with asking her self how anyone is dare to violate the peace of her sea. Irritated by young fisherman Jurata decide to avange caught by him fish. She has called the most beautiful, seductive water nymphs  and goddesses with amazingly melodious voice and together with them she prepared trap for Castitis. And so the choir of enchanting nymphs together with Jurata, reached the place where the fisherman used to daily throw his fishing net. When they saw a Castitis coming up they began to seduce him with their beautiful, sleepy voices, singing louder and louder their magic melancholy song. Castitis was listening melodic sounds that he never listen before. Suddenly from the water came out lady with a unique and unprecedented beauty. She was looking at him with the angry eyes, her eyes were in color of the sea, dressed in green marine plants, and she shimmered with emeralds and ambers. Never before fisherman didn’t see anyone as unusual as that lady. Initially with great anger watched the fisherman , she wanted to restrain him and kill him. However, in the morning sun when she saw his face ( casitis was considered the most handsome boy in the whole village) immediately she fell in love with him . She promised to save his life only if he agree to share his life with her. And so it happened, the queen every evening flowed out from her palace to meet with young boy Castitis. Weeks , months, were passing by and the couple was very happy and in love. News about this love reached the Perkun – vengeful god of fire and thunder. Envious  Perkun decided to destroy the love of youth and he hurled the tunder in the water of Baltic. Fire had destroyed the amber palace and the queen Jurata. Regards Castitis, Perkun chain the boy to underwater rock that he could never see land again. From the moment a poor fisherman cry to his beloved Jurata. And when the heavy clouds hover over the Baltic Sea and in its water wind blows, we can hear kind of sobs sounding from the bottom of the sea. Maybe it is Castitis who weeps for his beloved, and when the tretful sea throws pieces of amber may be this are pieces from queenJurata’s amber palace….

I’ve made some sketches as an initial idea of pattern.

Escanear 2 Escanear 3


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