laser cut test

Today i did some laser cut test with my pattern and i decide to use my oak wood for a bottom part and the top part very thin 1,5 mm thick plywood board.

IMG_41021 IMG_62781-2

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I think the result of cutting is quite good , now i have to clean the boards  with small grain sand paper to remove the burned part out. Next step will be paint in blue. I choose blue as a color used in Kashubian culture from ages, color that presents the natural beauty of that area their lakes Baltic sea and blue sky…


Whit sunday, whit monday – Pentecost

Whit festive days  is the popular name of the Church Pentecost. This feast is celebrated fifty days after Easter, in May or June. In the tradition of the folk festival that ended a series of spring holidays and summer. It was beginning –  a time of transition, therefore, important for the world of plants, animals and humans. In the rituals of Pentecost,  were many elements from pre-Christian times of a ludic and magic-cult. An inseparable symbol of Pentecost was green, especially sweet flag leaves lat.’Acorus calamus’

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Traditional house decoration with green tree branches.

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adobe illustration sketches II

For laser cutting preparation also took a little while to seperate what it has to be cut through and what just engraved. The problem was also included in the material of which thiknes should i use to do it properly to show to idea of sort of 3d pattern. I wanted to use two layers of wood that the top one would be as a component, frame for the drawing on the bottom.

Zrzut ekranu 2015-07-07 o 10.23.02

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jurata castitis

character explanation.

dawrly chest of queen Jurata

My chest will be personalised object own by queen Jurata. Pattern on the door surface will present her own love story. Story about Jurata and Castitis it is a part of Kashubian culture and ine the name of that sad story people decide to create a town with the name of Jurata.

My chest can present any story. For my future plan i would like to do patterns that tells different story of Poland and not only.





originally hand decorated ,painted dowrly chest.

Cabinet making

I choose dawrly box as an initial idea, look of my cabinet i wanted to work with this object and moderate it a little bit. Today those boxes lost they value and people use them only to store some useless things at home. My idea is to make a dowrly box in look of wooden chest that we could use nowadays and treat at as element of home decoartion and usefull object. Instead of using lid cover from the top as in old wooden boxes  i am going to use sliding doors that will  enable easier stacking our own things. To keep it tidy the inside of chest i willmake 2 shelfs.

To make that cabinet i needed help of profesional carpenters . I had work with local people that are specialized with wooden furniture making.

komoda copy



adobe illustrator sketches

For drawing my pattern at illustrator i had to use tablet to help me get in more small details that i wouldn’t be able to draw by hand just using touch pad. I took inspiration from existing folklore paper cut outs and also decoration of flowers that also exist in Kashubian folklore art .

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As a professional illustrator it was very hard for me to replace rregular pencil with the electronic one and instead of paper to draw on the tablet. For a beginning it brought me dificulty to make even straigh line and it tooks a while until i’ve manage to control that system of sketching. After a few days of trying i draw characters i wanted to achieve in a vector drawing , i’ve build a pattern combination of my own sketching and my own characterised forms.