July// Laser cutting II

The other sample i have made , decided to transfer straight away to prototype of my cabinet. The whole cabinet has been made by using laser cut. For the future i have to work more in whole cubature of my furniture , especially legs as in this example that are not enough thick for the weight they need to hold.

cscs zdzd cabinet


June// Laser cutting

At the  same time of doing 3d pattern design, i was working on decorative motifs in plywood. Cut in laser machine. First i have prepare pattern by hand drawing , then digital drawing and cut it through the laser machine. With some elements painted in color.


zdjęcie-3 copy

I have been cutting two layers of wood. The first one was engraved with the chosen motif and the second cut through in order to make the bottom motif visible.


In this case i have also done two layers of plywood first one engrave with the pattern and the second , cut throughout. After i cut  i did the first layer i have decided to paint it which wasn’t great idea because the engrave wasn’t enough deep and i have covered the pattern totally. To fix it and give it the contrast i have painted the second layer in white and filled the gaps in raw color wooden pieces. It gave actually great looking surface with not planning marquetry looking.