July// Laser cutting II

The other sample i have made , decided to transfer straight away to prototype of my cabinet. The whole cabinet has been made by using laser cut. For the future i have to work more in whole cubature of my furniture , especially legs as in this example that are not enough thick for the weight they need to hold.

cscs zdzd cabinet


June// 3D pattern

As an inspiration for following sample i have used billboard 3D screen as we can very often see on the roads. I found it good idea to connect it with furniture. I have manage with a bit of struggle  to make a pattern by laser machine in two wooden screens. Later on i stick them together, and cut into small stripes. The plan was to hang it all together in order to make it move, and this way we could se two patterns from different perspective. Unfortunately i did it i little bit wrong and it took me a bit of time how does really work. My sample didn’t make me so happy as i was in the beginning. Other colleagues, students has seen it as very interesting object, but for myself it put a question mark in my head. The whole picture wasn’t much aesthetic even if i was trying all my bests.

bllu grey yellow zdjęcie 4-8 zdjęcie 3-8 zdjęcie 2-8 zdjęcie 1-9

cscs  sjkajs

zaz qsd

May// Interactive design

Original project  of Polish designers Agnieszka Chop and Joanna Rusin. Aimed to children, interactive carpet – puzzle. Felt base + bag with colorful elements for stacking. Teaches creating their own space.

The first carpet-puzzle formed in 2004 and were a reaction to the then design carpet of that time. They had to go beyond the canons of the floor textile. Capture the imagination of each user by allowing create independent design pattern. These carpets are interactive toy, learn creating their own space. Support a process of education and rehabilitation of persons who are blind or disabled.

8592-joannarusinagnieszkaczopdywancars-300x199 8597-joannarusindywanrings-169x300 8598-joannarusinfilcowepodkladki-300x231 10325773_658807810855131_8353087146677786623_n-300x199 dywan-koguty-agnieszka-czop-joanna-rusin-2005-720x480-300x200 koelf-300x193 kol-300x188

February// folklore products part III

Every year there is more and more artists, designers who creates inspired by Polish folklore. Themes floral from different regions of the country we can meet in everyday products.

AZE Design it is 100% of Polish thoughts design. Their products are made in collaboration with local groups of craftsmen, small establishments and individual contractors.

Folk carpet was created as a result of inspiration of weaving tradition still alive in the Podlasie region of Poland . Made in order to point mix of patterns of tree culture : Belarusian, Ukrainian and Baltic States.


SHE Lamps – illuminated skirts of traditional costumes.

gor_med lampa_she_folk

Spinning toys show four selected costumes – Lowicz, Kurpian, Opoczyński and Kujawski

2 31 7338e1d27167fbac199b013dd486c80a smaga_łowicki-300x300

January// Kasia Kmita and her paper cutouts

Paper “Cutouts” includes the visual identification codes and the bold statement of global brands with intensive labor in techniques of traditional paper cut-outs suggest the need to define the phenomenon of the new folk. Kmita combining traditional hand cut-outs performed with symbols of pop culture, draws on themes from the world of media and advertising on the same principle as the old folk artist were showing  motifs from the natural world which they were surrounded.

Each work can be observed repetitive in composition; the black outline of the cutout is entered motif taken from pop culture. Kmita converts her way in designs from cutouts of Lowicz.

kasia_kmita_3-500x500 kasia_kmita_4 kasia-kmita_21-500x500 wycianki-1 wycianki-3 wycianki-4 wycianki-5 wycianki-6 wycianki-11 wycianki-12


January// Today’s folklore products

By visiting two days show in Warsaw and what really called my attention was Brand Moho Design. Company was founded by Magda Lubińska and Michal Biernacki, whose passion for creating it is the motivation to act. The idea behind the brand is to find new directions in the creation of objects using the new language of design. Carpets designed by the company is an example of a contemporary approach to the Polish folk tradition. They are made of pure wool, and the traditional techniques.

dia_got_small mohohejKOKO serwetka_smallf3f3506036dd57859029c3b950aa9ad9