January// Kasia Kmita and her paper cutouts

Paper “Cutouts” includes the visual identification codes and the bold statement of global brands with intensive labor in techniques of traditional paper cut-outs suggest the need to define the phenomenon of the new folk. Kmita combining traditional hand cut-outs performed with symbols of pop culture, draws on themes from the world of media and advertising on the same principle as the old folk artist were showing  motifs from the natural world which they were surrounded.

Each work can be observed repetitive in composition; the black outline of the cutout is entered motif taken from pop culture. Kmita converts her way in designs from cutouts of Lowicz.

kasia_kmita_3-500x500 kasia_kmita_4 kasia-kmita_21-500x500 wycianki-1 wycianki-3 wycianki-4 wycianki-5 wycianki-6 wycianki-11 wycianki-12